Femininity ≠ Weakness

Originally Posted on A Sewcial Life

I identify pretty strongly with Zooey Deschanel's Character Jess on New Girl. She is a fire cracker, extremity girly, strong, speaks her mind, loves sparkles, and is pretty quirky - all at once. And I see nothing wrong with being all these things simultaneously.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how people often tell women to "be strong" but what they mean by that is "be strong like a man". Well, here's the thing - I'm never going to be strong like a man, but that doesn't mean I am not strong.

There is nothing weak about that fact that I cry... often. There is nothing weak about the fact that I am in touch with my emotions. I hate the idea that being strong looks like being emotionless... because to me, that's real weakness. If you are too scared to feel the full range of human emotions, there is nothing strong about that.

I want to wear more pink and leopard print than is reasonable, and still have society respect the fact that I am an intelligent human being with valuable things to say. I shouldn't need to disguise my femininity to have my opinions be valid.

So I'm going to cry often, feel the full range of my emotions, wear sparkles, pink and leopard print, AND I'm going to continue to be my strong, intelligent self.

I'll leave you with this amazing quote from Zooey Deschanel which sums up perfectly how I feel about being sensitive.