2017 Highlights

Wow… what a year. Globally and politically it has been a difficult one for many of us. In 2017 I think a lot of us were reminded that we need to get out and fight for the world we want. It was hard, but beautiful, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of the movement for inclusivity, human rights, and accountability.   

Personally, it was a year of growth, learning, adventure, and lots of fun. I spent most of the year living in Ghana and moved back to Toronto in early October. I think the best way to sum up 2017 is with a list of my highlights! 

in 2017 I:

  • Rode on the back of a motorcycle... many times!
  • Participated in the Women's March in Accra
  • Made lots of new friends (who I miss so much now that I am back in Canada)
  • Learned to make Ghanaian food (Well, I tried!)
  • Learned from some of the most brilliant feminists I have ever met at the African Women's Development Fund
  • Danced so many nights away at Purple Pub in Accra
  • Visited Maranatha Beach Camp (3 times!)
  • Traveled to Togo 
  • Spoke at the International Day Against Homophobia in Accra on behalf of the Humanist Association of Ghana 
  • Explored Ghana with two friends from Canada and Turkey (the only people who were brave enough to visit me in Ghana - thanks Amanda and Ece!!)
  • Visited the North of Ghana and met with some amazing organizations in Tamale
  • Attended the Chale Wote Street Art Festival (and marched in their first Women's Procession to demand safety for women in Ghana)
  • Spent my last weekend in Ghana on the Volta River with some awesome pals
  • Launched my first zine: Vociferous and Valid
  • Attended the CEDAW for Change course at Oxford University 
  • Explored London with my friend Anne
  • Moved home to Toronto
  • Was selected to be a volunteer on the METRAC Board of Directors
  • Began volunteering on the YWCA Toronto Advocacy Committee
  • Enjoyed being back with my family and friends in Canada

Click on the photos below for some pics that go along with these highlights!