I have been a passionate advocate for social change for as long as I can remember. Throughout my advocacy projects, my work has primarily focused on women's rights and gender issues, but I have also been involved in work for: human rights, LGBTQ+ advocacy, anti-racism advocacy, and many other causes. 

I specialize in project management, program development, stakeholder engagement, and communications to help non-profits achieve their goals and share their message. Below are some examples of my current and past projects. 

FAC - Feminist Art Conference

FAC is a yearly multidisciplinary feminist art conference that inspires sharing, networking, and collaboration. It is a grassroots, volunteered-run organization that functions from an intersectional feminist perspective. I have been volunteering with FAC since February of 2016. I work primarily in a project management role, helping to organize the conference under the direction of FAC Founder Ilene Sova. In early 2016 I developed a new event management system to track the planning for the 2017 conference and worked on a critical path schedule for future conferences.

YFG - Young Feminist Gathering

(in Partnership with African Women's Development Fund)

YFG is a space of learning, engagement, solidarity and creativity for women in Accra. It works to create exciting projects that tap into the member’s collective passion for social change. I attended YFG since its inception in December 2016, participating in meetings and many different affiliated events. From May - October of 2017 I was part of the organizing committee - organizing meetings, helping to build a plan for the future of YFG, and working to create a training document for others (particularly those in the continent of Africa) who want to start their own YFG.

Crossroads International

Crossroads International is an international development organization that works to reduce poverty and increase women’s rights around the world. With Crossroads I have worked as both an Organizational Development Advisor, and a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist. I worked to ensure that the projects we partnered on had the capacity for long term sustainability. I did this by creating strategic development and program plans and by building a network between our partners for knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

Women for Women International

Women for Women International serves women in 8 countries offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to move from poverty to economic self-sufficiency. In December of 2013 I wrote, coordinated, and edited, a video with 11 women from around the world for a fundraising competition (Project for Awesome). The video subsiquently won $25,000 for the organization. The video can be viewed here

W4TW - Water for the World

 Water for the World, a program supported by Engineers Without Borders, aims to educate Toronto students about issues surrounding global access to clean water. Between November 2015 and April 2016 I worked to organize over 100 educational workshops which were delivered to students in Toronto. Previous to to the workshops, our team trained over 50 different presenters and volunteers who went on to deliver the workshops. During this time I also managed all social media for the organization.